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With the weather turning warmer and everything in bloom here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, it’s time to think about servicing our garage door and opener.

Just as we maintain our car to prolong its lifespan and keep it in top notch condition, we need to do the same for our garage doors and openers. An annual tune up and service can help provide you with years of trouble free operation from your garage door system.

So what does maintaining your garage door look like? The professional technicians from Dave’s Garage Doors will check your system for the most common garage door problems.


Torsion springs are located, just above the garage door and provide the tension that keeps your garage door balanced. They bear the weight of your door during opening and closing. Unfortunately, springs do break and need to be replaced. A door with a broken spring is exceptionally heavy and should not be forced open. Attempting to replace a broken garage door spring yourself is very dangerous and should always be left to the professionals.


Sometimes your door may not close all the way, reverses before reaching the ground or experiences phantom operation. These are common problems that can easily be diagnosed and repaired by an experienced garage door technician. Correcting problems when they first arise will extend the life expectancy of your garage door opener.


Cables can come off the drums or even break for a number of reasons. While the cables themselves are relatively inexpensive, replacing them can be complex. Attempting to force a door open or closed when the cables are off or damaged is dangerous and should not be attempted. Call the professionals to prevent further damage to your system or to yourself!


Over time, rollers can bend, become damaged, or just plain wear out. A roller that’s not rolling correctly can result in your door malfunctioning or not operating smoothly. There are also different types of rollers available, nylon rollers can make your door run smoother and quieter than you ever realized possible.


Whether it’s a visor remote, a keychain fob or a remote keypad, there are several things that can go wrong with your garage door opener remote. Often times, your remotes need to be cleared and reprogrammed to keep your opener operating correctly; other times, they may need to be replaced, your professional garage door repair technician can help you with either issue.


Your garage doors tracks play an essential role in the smooth operation of your door. If tracks are bent or out of alignment, it needs to be corrected quickly before it causes further damage to your door system.


Weather seal, on the sides and bottom of the door, is crucial to keeping weather, rain or snow as well as pests and insects out of your garage. These can erode or become damaged over time and often need to be replaced in homes with harsh weather conditions.

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