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Dave’s Garage Doors is a family-owned garage door company that has offered garage door repair and installation in Portland for more than 30 years. Many of our technicians have been with us for double-digit years. At Dave’s Garage Doors, we think it’s very important to keep up with regular garage door maintenance. To learn more about the importance of garage door maintenance, watch this video clip.

Many people have basic maintenance skills and can lubricate their garage door on their own. However, most people are better off calling a garage door professional who can service the garage door without the risk of causing harm or injury. Services that should be done regularly include checking the springs, lubricating the door and checking the safety sensors that reverse the door if something is in the way. Preventative maintenance will ensure your garage door is safe to use and minimize the chance of it failing. Call today to schedule your maintenance appointment.

Garage Door Repair and Service for Metro Portland, Salem, Clark County, Washington County, and Yamhill County